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Membership: Get Involved

Membership Dues

Annual Dues are $100 per year (plus one time fee of $15 required with application).

General Members have access to the facilities, pay member prices for shooting (see below), and may vote at the annual Board of Director Elections meetings.

General Members are allowed to use the R&P Range only when it is open by a Range Officer.


Rifle & Pistol Pass Membership Upgrade

An R & P Pass is an additional $40 per year. Key card is $10 (if lost or damaged there is a $25 replacement/reactivation fee).

Once  you complete our R & P Orientation Course, you may contact the Membership Secretary to apply for a Key Card, which will allow you access to the R & P Range during the days and hours that will be outlined in the course. Have your membership card and $50 ready when applying.

Skeet & Trap Fields

Hours of Operation:

Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday 12:30 pm - 6 pm
Cost: Members = $4 per round / Non-Members = $6 per round

(1 round = 25 targets)

NOTE: Skeet and Trap is open to Members and the General Public.


Rifle & Pistol Range

Hours of Operation:

Saturday, Sunday 9 am - 12 pm (check calendar for Range Officer coverage).

Cost: Members w/o Pistol Pass = $4 per visit / Members w/ Pistol Pass = $40 per year

NOTE: Rifle & Pistol Range is open to MEMBERS ONLY.
(Guests are allowed under certain conditions only. See below for further explanation).

Rifle & Pistol Guest Policy

Members are allowed to bring one guest to the R & P Range, only when a Range Officer is present.

There is a $6 fee for the guest to shoot.

Members are responsible for their guest at all times, and must supervise them while they are shooting

Members and the guest must share one port, and only one person can shoot at a time

A guest is allowed 3 visits. 

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